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Maintenance 11.04. - 12.05.2023

The following changes will be performed during the maintenance:

  • All firmware versions on all components will be upgraded

  • The operating system will be upgraded to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.6. We recommend to re-compile all applications after the upgrade.

  • The Mellanox OFED InfiniBand stack will be upgraded

  • Slurm will be upgraded

  • File system clients (Spectrum Scale, Lustre and BeeGFS) will be updated

  • Singularity will be replaced with its successor Apptainer

  • Compiler and MPI versions and the software modules built against them will be updated. Modules of deprecated versions will be removed.

  • Additional software updates will be announced at a later stage

Maintenance 12.07. - 16.07.2021

From July 12th 9:00 am until July 16th noon, no compute nodes will be available on HoreKa and HAICORE, so no jobs will run. Additionally, individual login nodes will be unavailable for some time during this interval, which will also affect the Jupyter and CI services.

Last update: March 10, 2023