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Compilers Overview

The basic operations can be performed with the same commands for all available compilers. Please consult the appropriate chapters for advanced topics such as Debugging and Profiling, Offloading to GPUs or parallel programming models.


On HoreKa we provide a multitude of compilers for different languages and runtime environments.

Language Compilers
C GNU gcc, Intel icc, LLVM clang, NVIDIA nvc
C++ GNU g++, Intel icpc, LLVM clang, NVIDIA nvcc
FORTRAN GNU gfortran, Intel ifort, LLVM flang, NVIDIA nvfortran
Java OpenJDK javac
Rust rustc
Go golang, GNU gccgo

You can get a list of all available compiler versions using the command

$ module avail compiler

Please note that some software modules, e.g. MPI libraries, are dependent on the compiler version and may only be visible if a compiler module has already been loaded before.

This is also the reason why the default system compiler (here '''compiler/gnu/8.3.1''') has its own module file.

For more information about the individual compilers please see the corresponding chapters.

Last update: January 24, 2023