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The HoreKa supercomputer at KIT (Simon Raffeiner, SCC/KIT)

Welcome to the Tier 2 High Performance Computing system "Hochleistungsrechner Karlsruhe" (HoreKa) at KIT.

HoreKa is an innovative hybrid system with nearly 60,000 Intel processor cores, more than 220 terabytes of main memory and 668 NVDIA A100 GPUs. The CPU partition is called HoreKa Blue, while the GPU partition is called HoreKa Green.

A 200 GBit/s non-blocking InfiniBand HDR network is used as the communication network, and two parallel Spectrum Scale file systems with a total capacity of more than 15 petabytes are used for data storage.

A key consideration during the design of the system were the enormous amounts of data generated by scientific research projects. A multi-level data storage architecture guarantees high-throughput processing on external storage systems.

HoreKa is housed in a dedicated computer building on KIT's North Campus, which was newly constructed in 2015 for its predecessor ForHLR. The award-winning, energy-efficient hot water cooling concept is continued with the new system.

This documentation includes some information about the Helmholtz AI HAICORE partition (HAICORE@KIT) since HAICORE is integrated with HoreKa.

Access to HAICORE is open to all researchers from the Helmholtz AI community. Please refer to the official website for more information, e.g. on how to hand in a project proposal.


Employees of all Helmholtz research institutes in Germany can self-register for HAICORE.

Use of HAICORE is free of charge, but the resource has to be acknowleged on all publications.

Last update: April 19, 2024