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Planned and executed extensions

This page lists all planned hardware extensions in the near future and all already completed extensions in the past.


The following additional ARM node is scheduled to be put into operation very soon:

  • 1x ARM+AMD GPU Server with 1x Ampere Altra Q80-30, 512 GB RAM, 1x 960 GB SSD, 2x AMD MI100 GPUs and 2x BlueField-2E DPUs

Executed: Dual Socket ARM server nodes (30.01.2023)

Six Dual Socket ARM server nodes with 2x Ampere Altra Max M128-30, 512 GiB RAM, 2x 960GB SATA SSD, ConnectX-6 (200 GBit/s) have been added to the FTP-a64 cluster.

Executed: AMD Milan nodes with AMD Instinct MI250 (24.01.2023)

Two EPYC+AMD Instinct GPU nodes each with 2x AMD EPYC 7713, 1 TiB RAM, 2x 960 GB NVMe SSD, 4x AMD Instinct MI250 OAM (128 GiB HBM2e, Infinity Fabric between MI250s), Dual Port ConnectX-6 (200 GBit/s per Port) have been added to the FTP-X86 cluster.

Executed: NVIDIA ARM HPC Developer Kits and ARM service nodes, KITE on ARM

The four NVIDIA ARM HPC Developer Kits are integrated as ARM-A100, the two service nodes are installed as an ARM installation server (not accessible to users) and as an ARM login node. FTP-A64 is now running with KITE.

Executed: Graphcore IPU-POD16 system (18.11.2021)

A new Graphcore IPU-POD16 system was installed as part of the FTP-X86 cluster.

Executed: AMD Milan Upgrade (09.09.2021)

The AMD EPYC 7302 16-core "Rome" CPUs in the FTP-X86 cluster have been replaced with significantly more powerful AMD EPYC 7543 32-core "Milan" processors on 09.09.2021.

Last update: January 30, 2023