The NHR center operates Tier-2 and Tier-3 clusters including large-scale storage systems. In addition, the so-called "Future Technologies Partition" also provides the opportunity to evaluate new and innovative technologies inside a dedicated hardware and software testbed. A dedicated infrastructure for Continuous Integration, Testing and Deployment (CI/CT/CD) completes the offering.

Amadeus Bramsiepe Amadeus Bramsiepe (KIT)
Application for Computing Time

Scientists with a doctoral degree who belong to a German accredited university are eligible to apply. Within the scope of the approved projects, non-doctoral scientists can also use the computers.

Simon Raffeiner (SCC) Simon Raffeiner (KIT/SCC)
Future Technologies Partition

Evaluate disruptive technologies in our hardware and software testbed.

Simon Raffeiner Simon Raffeiner (KIT/SCC)

The new "Hochleistungsrechner Karlsruhe" (HoreKa) flagship system was put into operation in Summer 2021.

Jennifer Buchmüller, SCC
Cx Infrastructure

Future-proof and optimise your codes using our dedicated CI/CT/CD/CB resources.