Whether it is in Energy, Mobility and Environmental research, the Earth System or Material sciences, or areas such as cybersecurity and medicine: In order to understand natural and technical processes in all their complexity, researchers use the fastest high-performance computers in the world. The National High Performance Computing Center at KIT (NHR@KIT) not only operates supercomputers for researchers from all over Germany, but also offers a wide range of supporting services to scientific communities.

Die Vertreter der Gründungsmitglieder (von links nach rechts): Dr. Thorsten Reimann, Prof. Gerhard Wellein, Prof. Wolfgang Nagel, Prof. Ramin Yahyapour, Prof. Christof Schütte, Prof. Martin Frank, Prof. Christian Plessl, Prof. Matthias MüllerAngela Lenz / DFN Verein
NHR Alliance officially founded

The Association for National High Performance Computing - NHR Association was founded in Berlin on the evening of August 23, 2021, in the presence of the representatives of the eight founding members.

Riccardo Prevete/KITRiccardo Prevete (KIT)
New KIT Supercomputer inaugurated

On 30.07.2021 Minister Theresia Bauer handed the new Karlsruhe High-Performance Computer over to the Scientific Community

Simon Raffeiner (SCC/KIT)Simon Raffeiner (KIT/SCC)
NHR@KIT puts HoreKa into operation for research purposes

After a successful trial run the new supercomputer system goes into operation for research purposes on June 1st, 2021 while final installation continues

 Amadeus Bramsiepe (KIT)
SCC becomes center for national high-performance computing

The German Joint Science Conference (GWK) has approved funding for eight computing centers within the framework of National High Performance Computing (NHR) - including the SCC.