Whether it is in Energy, Mobility and Environmental research, the Earth System or Material sciences, or areas such as cybersecurity and medicine: In order to understand natural and technical processes in all their complexity, researchers use the fastest high-performance computers in the world. The National High Performance Computing Center at KIT (NHR@KIT) not only operates supercomputers for researchers from all over Germany, but also offers a wide range of supporting services to scientific communities.

Simon Raffeiner (SCC/KIT)
NHR@KIT launches first NVIDIA Arm Development Cluster worldwide

The new NVIDIA-Arm cluster joins an ever-growing number of development systems for future technologies.

Uli Deck/dpaUli Deck/dpa
HoreKa mirror image wins 1st place in dpa photo competition

Press photographer Uli Deck from Karlsruhe succeeded particularly well in staging the LED illumination of the new supercomputer HoreKa at NHR@KIT. The photo took a 1st place in the "dpa Press Pictures of the Year 2021" competition.

Simon Raffeiner (SCC/KIT)Simon Raffeiner (KIT/SCC)
Graphcore: NHR@KIT offers state-of-the-art accelerators for AI/ML

National High Performance Computing Center NHR@KIT first operator in Germany to give researchers access to an Graphcore IPU-POD16 system, whose processors are optimized for the computational operations with datatypes of reduced precision that are important for AI/ML.

Die Vertreter der Gründungsmitglieder (von links nach rechts): Dr. Thorsten Reimann, Prof. Gerhard Wellein, Prof. Wolfgang Nagel, Prof. Ramin Yahyapour, Prof. Christof Schütte, Prof. Martin Frank, Prof. Christian Plessl, Prof. Matthias MüllerAngela Lenz / DFN Verein
NHR Alliance officially founded

The Association for National High Performance Computing - NHR Association was founded in Berlin on the evening of August 23, 2021, in the presence of the representatives of the eight founding members.

Riccardo Prevete/KITRiccardo Prevete (KIT)
New KIT Supercomputer inaugurated

On 30.07.2021 Minister Theresia Bauer handed the new Karlsruhe High-Performance Computer over to the Scientific Community

Simon Raffeiner (SCC/KIT)Simon Raffeiner (KIT/SCC)
NHR@KIT puts HoreKa into operation for research purposes

After a successful trial run the new supercomputer system goes into operation for research purposes on June 1st, 2021 while final installation continues