Whether it is in Energy, Mobility and Environmental research, the Earth System or Material sciences, or areas such as cybersecurity and medicine: In order to understand natural and technical processes in all their complexity, researchers use the fastest high-performance computers in the world. The National High Performance Computing Center at KIT (NHR@KIT) not only operates supercomputers for researchers from all over Germany, but also offers a wide range of supporting services to scientific communities.

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New courses in April

In April there will be courses regarding Parallel Computing with MATLAB as well as OpenFOAM.

NHR Conference

This years NHR Conference will take place from 9th to 12th of September 2024 in Darmstadt.

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NHR@ISC Hamburg

13. - 15.5.2024

The ISC High Performance 2024 conference and exhibition is an annual global gathering for HPC technology providers and users.

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Intermediate course: Advanced High Performance Computing (HPC) and Data Management topics @KIT


This course is aimed at active, intermediate users of the bwHPC clusters (bwUniCluster, bwForClusters) and the HPC cluster HoreKa and includes advanced batch & job scripting, compiling, remote visualization and data management.

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Introductory Course: High Performance Computing (HPC) and Data Management @KIT


This course is aimed at (future) users of the bwHPC clusters (bwUniCluster 2.0, bwForClusters), BaWü data federation, NHR@KIT infrastructure incl. HoreKa and covers information about access and usage of bwHPC clusters, NHR@KIT infrastructure and storage systems.

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GTC Developer Conference

17. - 21.03.2024

Connect with peers and industry experts to explore the latest technologies that are transforming every industry, from accelerated computing to generative AI and beyond.

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Changeover to NHR-JARDS

On July 31, 2023, the changeover to the Germany-wide uniform application portal NHR-JARDS will take place.

1st NHR Conference

The NHR Alliance like to cordially invite you to the 1st NHR Conference, September 18./19. 2023 in Berlin.

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Joint Call of NHR-Alliance for Large-Scale Proposals

Extended deadline: April 6, 2023

The NHR-centers jointly call for large-project proposals

Simon Raffeiner (KIT/SCC)Simon Raffeiner KIT/SCC
MLPerf™ HPC Benchmark: Helmholtz AI computing infrastructure put to the test

As in the previous year, Helmholtz AI researchers joined a benchmarking study to analyze the center’s position in the computing infrastructure market — and the results are finally out!

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NHR@KIT launches first NVIDIA Arm Development Cluster worldwide

The new NVIDIA-Arm cluster joins an ever-growing number of development systems for future technologies.

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HoreKa mirror image wins 1st place in dpa photo competition

Press photographer Uli Deck from Karlsruhe succeeded particularly well in staging the LED illumination of the new supercomputer HoreKa at NHR@KIT. The photo took a 1st place in the "dpa Press Pictures of the Year 2021" competition.