Find out about the latest computing projects run on the NHR@KIT supercomputer HoreKa:

Amadeus Bramsiepe (KIT) Amadeus Bramsiepe (KIT)
Computing Projects

The National High Performance Computing Center of KIT NHR@KIT enables researchers from all over Germany and all scientific disciplines to compute their computing time projects using state-of-the-art and high-performance research infrastructure.

Future Projects

The NHR@KIT Center is currently participating in the following collaborative projects within the NHR alliance:

NHR@KIT Simon Raffeiner (KIT/SCC)
Call for Collaboration Projects

The Scientific Computing Center (SCC) at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) has become a center in the National High-Performance Computing (NHR) alliance. In this scope we opened rounds of a call for proposals for collaborative research projects (bridge doctoral or postdoctoral researcher) between researchers in NHR@KIT and from the user communities earth system science, materials science, engineering in energy and mobility, as well as particle and astroparticle physics. We invited researches from these fields to submit proposals for collaborative projects.

Voucher Projects

The Computational and Data Scientific Voucher System is a flexible and low-threshold tool to enable collaborations between experts from our Simulation and Data Life Cycle Labs (SDL) and Software Sustainability and Performance Engineering team (SSPE) and users from different disciplines.

HoreKa Amadeus Bramsiepe (KIT)
User Publications

List of all publications that have been achieved by using HoreKa


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More information about project application and HPC user support can be found here:


Project report for NHR@KIT website

If you have used the Karlsruhe High Performance Computer (HoreKa) for your research project, we ask you to provide a short report about your research for our website.

Please draft a text according to the NHR@KIT research report guidelines (see below) and submit it to NHR-Reports.