Future Projects

The National High Performance Computing Center of KIT NHR@KIT enables researchers from all over Germany and all scientific disciplines to compute their projects by means of state-of-the-art and high-performance research infrastructure. A selection of current as well as completed projects from NHR@KIT can be found here:


Container standards in HPC

When installing and configuring application software, there is a high dependency on the specific software environment that users find on an HPC system. This usually makes it difficult to provide special application versions and to switch between different resources.



Cx as a service

Many scientific application codes have grown over many years or even decades. Legacy issues such as outdated programming techniques, a "monolithic" structure or a lack of automation make further development difficult and constantly increase the effort required to validate new program versions.

Reg app

RegApp is an open-source federated identity management system and
authentication and authorization infrastructure (AAI) developed mainly at at KIT.

Container and Container Management
Container & Container Management

A central repository for curated user containers as well as containerized services that are portable among participating NHR centers along with other HPC sites is developed.