Fundamentals of Deep Learning

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    Dr. Gunter Roth (NVIDIA)

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    9:00 - 17:00

  • Together with Nvidia, we are offering a workshop on fundamentals of deep learning.

    The Workshop will take place virtually. Participants will be provided with access to a suitable GPU setup.

    Connection details for the workshop as well as required steps for access to the setup will be sent to the participants prior to the event.

    Learning Objectives

    By participating in this workshop, you’ll:

    Learn the fundamental techniques and tools required to train a deep learning model

    Gain experience with common deep learning data types and model architectures

    Enhance datasets through data augmentation to improve model accuracy

    Leverage transfer learning between models to achieve efficient results with less data and computation

    Build confidence to take on your own project with a modern deep learning framework


    An understanding of fundamental programming concepts in Python 3, such as functions, loops, dictionaries, and arrays; familiarity with Pandas data structures; and an understanding of how to compute a regression line.

    Suggested materials to satisfy prerequisites: Python Beginner’s Guide.


    Further details at indico.