Fundamentals of Accelerated Computing with CUDA C/C++

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    Dr. Gunter Roth (NVIDIA)

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    9:00 - 17:00

  • Togetherwith Nvidia, we are offering a workshop on accelerated computing with CUDA in C/C++.

    The Workshop will take place virtually. Participants will be provided with access to a suitable GPU setup.

    Connection details for the workshop as well as required steps for access to the setup will be sent to the participants prior to the event.

    Learning Objectives

    • By participating in this workshop, you’ll:
    • Write code to be executed by a GPU accelerator
    • Expose and express data and instruction-level parallelism in C/C++ applications using CUDA
    • Utilize CUDA-managed memory and optimize memory migration using asynchronous prefetching
    • Leverage command-line and visual profilers to guide your work
    • Utilize concurrent streams for instruction-level parallelism
    • Write GPU-accelerated CUDA C/C++ applications, or refactor existing CPU-only applications, using a profile-driven approach


    • Basic C/C++ competency, including familiarity with variable types, loops, conditional statements, functions, and array manipulations
    • No previous knowledge of CUDA programming is assumed


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