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Getting access to HoreKa

Employees of all Universities and research institutes in Germany can request access to HoreKa by submitting a project proposal. Project managers of a foreign research organization need a german partner who submits the proposal.

Use of HoreKa is free of charge, but the resource has to be acknowleged on all publications.

Full projects

Qualified users can apply for up to 15 million compute hours per project on HoreKa. Management of the project proposals is performed using the JARDS project management platform. All proposals are reviewed by a multi-disciplinary steering committee.

The full review process will take some time and will require the filing of an extended project proposal (about 3 to 5 pages in length) after the initial application has been reviewed by the steering board. Projects are marked as preliminary until the review phase is over. During this time a project manager can already add contributors to the project (see see the Account Management chapter), and the project members are able to use HoreKa.

While a project is in preliminary state, usage is limited to a maximum of 10% of the requested compute hours or 200,000 compute hours (whichever is less). The full amount of requested resources becomes available as soon as the project is fully granted by the steering board.

Should the steering board decline a project proposal, the associated accounts will lose access to HoreKa and no further computation is possible.

The effective end date of a project is always June 30. If a project application does not align with this date, the end date of the application wil be "rounded up" to June 30, potentially shifting the effective end of a project into the next calendar year. At the end of the project a status report must be provided to the HoreKa project management team. Project reports are always due by September 30 of the same calendar year the project ends in.

Full projects can be extended if the granted resources have been consumed before the effective end that of a project. Extending a project will involve a second review by the steering board, so please file the necessary follow-up proposal on JARDS in due time. Follow-up proposals can only be filed if they target the same research area as the original proposal.

Projects which still have resources left at the end of the effective end date will be automatically extended by one year if the status report is accepted by the steering committee.

Test projects

Test projects for activities like testing, porting, developing and benchmarking applications can be granted without an in-depth review by the steering committe. Proposals for test projects also have to be filed via JARDS, and are limited to a maximum of 200.000 Core hours.

Project type overview

Project type Resources Requirements
Test 50.000 CPUh Test project application granted
Preliminary < 200.000 CPUh Full project in review
Full as granted Full project granted

Last update: February 2, 2021