Application for computing time

The NHR@KIT center provide high-performance (Tier 2) computing resources. Resources are allocated project-based according to a joint science-led process.

Scientists with a doctoral degree who belong to a German accredited university are eligible to apply. Within the scope of the approved projects, non-doctoral scientists can also use the computers.

As of July 31, 2023, a joint application portal (NHR-JARDS) will be available. Please apply for resources for your project here: NHR-JARDS.


In the NHR network, a distinction is made between three project categories:

  1. NHR Test/Preparation Project: This project category is mainly used to prepare an application; it can also be used to test whether the system is suitable for the research project. Approval of the projects usually takes a few days. The application includes only essential information to set up the project. These projects are severely limited in duration and/or resources.
  2. NHR Normal Project: Projects with moderate resource requirements fall into this category. In addition to the essential information establishing the project, the project application includes a brief description of the scientific project and a justification of the resource needs. Resources are allocated by a scientific committee at the respective NHR center.
  3. NHR Large Project: This project category is intended for projects with very large resource requirements. Because a single project here occupies a large part of the system, special attention is paid to efficient use of resources during the review and approval process. Resources are allocated by the NHR Nutzungsausschuss based on the decision of the Scientific Panel at the respective NHR Center.

Deadlines for NHR Normal Projects

Applications for medium resource projects may be submitted on a rolling basis. NHR-Normal projects normally have the character of a continuous call for proposals and can start at any time (exceptions: NHR@Göttingen and NHR@ZIB - here, please observe the deadlines for major projects for all projects).

Deadlines for NHR Large Projects

All NHR-Large projects start on a fixed date and are organized in a periodic procedure. There are four application deadlines per year.  Note: due to the new introduction of JARDS there is an extension of two weeks for Deadline 3 for applications to the centers NHR@Göttingen and NHR@ZIB:

  Deadline 1 01.01.2024 Project start: 01.04.2024
  Deadline 2 01.04.2024 Project start: 01.07.2024
  Deadline 3 01.07.2023 Project start: 01.10.2023 
>> Deadline 4 01.10.2023 Project start: 01.01.2024  <<

For category: normal and large project

For category: test project


Papers, presentations, and other publications that contain results generated by computing resources of the NHR Association should include an appropriate acknowledgment. Therefore, please select he appropriate text for your project here!