NHR Projekt categories

NHR Test

This project category is mainly used to prepare an application; it can also be used to test whether the system is suitable for the research project. NHR test projects for activities like testing, porting, developing and benchmarking applications can be granted after a technical review by a review board of the NHR@KIT center, i.e., approval of test projects are not subject to scientific reviewing. Proposals for test projects have to be submitted via JARDS, and are limited to a maximum of 500,000 CPU hours and/or 5,000 GPU hours. The application includes only essential information to set up the project. Approval of the projects usually takes a few days. These projects are severely limited in duration and/or resources. Note that the maximum project time of 6 months can not be extented. It is expected that any follow-up activity of the given compute project is part of a NHR normal or NHR large project.

NHR Starter

This category is intended for applicants without experience with the application procedure for resource use of high performance computing, and without deeper background knowledge of high performance computing. Your application will be assigned to one of the NHR centers, from where you will receive advice, and limited HPC resources for use for one year. The goal is easy access, and to enable you to subsequently submit a successful proposal in the Normal or Large project categories. Every PI can submit only one starter project.

NHR Normal

NHR normal projects are scientifically reviewed compute time projects for the cluster HoreKa with the duration of 1 year starting at the date of approval. Projects with moderate resource requirements fall into this category. Any proposal of compute time from 2,000,000 CPU core hours (and/or 30,000 GPU hours) up to 14,999,999 CPU core hours (and/or 199,999 GPU hours) are considered normal size projects - note that the final amount of granted computing time will decided by the Steering Committee of Baden-Wurttemberg. In addition to the essential information establishing the project, the project application includes a brief description of the scientific project and a justification of the resource needs. Resources are allocated by a scientific committee at the respective NHR center. Application for normal projects can be done any time of the year (rolling call). Allowed activities prior to the official project start can be found here.

NHR Large

This project category is intended for projects with very large resource requirements. Because a single project here occupies a large part of the system, special attention is paid to efficient use of resources during the review and approval process. Resources are allocated by the NHR Steering Committee based on the decision of the Scientific Panel at the respective NHR Center. NHR large projects are reviewed by the Steering Committee of Baden-Wurttemberg and finally approved by the NHR Steering Committee. Any proposal of compute time from 15,000,000 CPU core hours (and/or 200,000 GPU hours) up to 70,000,000 CPU core hours (and/or 1,000,000 GPU hours) are considered large size projects. Application for large projects can be only done quarterly and start time is scheduled 3 months after the submission deadline.

AI Fast Track

This project category is only for AI projects. These kind of projects can be admitted for one year with at most 380,000 CPU core hours/ 20,000 GPU hours. These projects are rolling projects which means that anytime through the year you can submit them.